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  5. For the very first time Veronique Branquinho presented her autumn/winter 2004/05 menswear collection in a live show performance.

    As a special guest of the 65th Pitti Immagine Uomo fashion shows, she staged a rather alienating show using scenic elements from the “Red Room” in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series. For the choreography she collaborated with Flemish choreographer/dancer/actor Samuel Louwyck.

    Instead of models Branquinho chose to work with “real men”. Location was the Teatro Goldoni in Venice.

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    Twin Peaks - The Path to the Black Lodge

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  11. Let’s rock!

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    Twin Peaks de David Lynch

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  23. March 27, 1989

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    doesn’t show too clearly but my wife and I have FIRE WALK WITH ME engraved in our wedding rings.

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