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    The Art of Art Adams

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    Lady Sine Cosplay (USA) as The Baroness, from G. I. Joe.

    Photos by: Short Fuse Pinups

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    robert atkins

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    Cobra Island has an interesting relationship the state of California.  This past week the Commander intended to simplify this relationship in person, but the capital ended up shifting around his meetings all day in an attempt to dodge him.  They did not realize that it would have been safer for them to keep the Commander confined in one of their meeting rooms. 

    Tired of waiting he decided to get some air.  In doing so he ran into a tour group and began discussing with them the failings of their government.  He then seamlessly started giving them a rallying speech on the inherent deception and inefficiency of politics.  He also thanked the Weather Dominator for the wonderful weather that week. 

    He so easily slips into speech giving, it’s almost like that’s when he feels most alive.  It’s a beautiful thing to see. 

    The Commander’s Facebook

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    Here are some photographs of Cobra exploring the Wizard World Sacramento convention.  The Commander was very upset there were no wizards.

    The Commander’s Facebook

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    Is Baroness’ sweet bottom, yes. (G.I. Joe "Spell of the Siren")

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    Marvel Postcard Circa 1988

    From my personal collection

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    Baroness - More of my favorite Women of Comics

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    Baroness and Destro

    last week marked the 50th anniversary of the toy line that revolutionized the industry. though I’m not a fan myself, the action figures which I do collect would not exist if not for the success of G.I. Joe. I won’t go into a history lesson about how these toys came to be, and how much they’ve evolved since their initial launch, but if you know anything about the mythology of this universe, then you should know Baroness and Destro. while I normally seek some background before drawing a character, the client explained that he didn’t want them in costume or anything, just the two of them in 70s attire. this allowed me to focus on the fashion more than “okay, what are they doing here?” though I understand he’s an arms dealer, so you can guess what’s in the briefcase. I thought she should have some old-fashioned class to her, so I gave her a slim cigarette and jewelry, but kept her clothes fashionably casual. I made it a point for his collar to be a 70s sort of loose and for their pants to go up pretty high. his necklace, her glasses, and of course, his metal face are really the only things that give away who they are, so (though you can’t see them) I hid two COBRA logos. one on the case, and the other on her ring. the whole thing’s done in pen, pencil, Sharpie, and Charcoal.

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    Cosplay with Glasses: Baroness


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    Federico Blee  /  "Baroness"

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    80s G.I. Joe artwork for Operation: Death Ray (feat. the Baroness, Gung-Ho and Crimson Guards)

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